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Welcome To Our Store

Please call us @ 561-406-2572 or text us @ 561-348-4421 for availability and pricing.

Due to Winter Months we ONLY ship out to States with Weather lows above 35F

At Hooked On Reefs we pride ourselves in giving you healthy quality live stock ranging from Coral, Fish, Inverts, and Live Rock.

We also Carry in our facility Corals & Fish that have been Aquacultured from ORA & SEA AND REEF AQUACULTURE.

That means these corals are much more hardier then most corals and are more successful in a captive aquarium.


Please read before ordering.

All orders are shipped out MONDAY-TUESDAY ONLY!

Please note that if the FREE SHIPPING method is selected and your package is dead on arrival, only 35% of your package amount will be refunded due to the risk you have taken not choosing our 1-day shipping method.

Please understand the importance to ship your package 1-day.

The option of Priority Overnight is available and is highly recommended for any type of live animal shipments due to stress.

Priority Overnight Shipments- Full refund guaranteed if not alive and healthy. Pictures of D.O.A. must be sent through email for refund.

2-Day Shipping Method- 50% Refund for D.O.A. packages due to shipping chosen. Pictures of D.O.A. must be sent through contact email for refund.

We Only ship to the lower 48 United States.

If we dont have what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with what your looking for.

Please contact us @ or Call 561-406-2572.

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