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Our Maintenance Services

At Hooked On Reefs we maintenance & service aquariums, whether at home or at your place of business. We have a Marine Aquarist who will come out to your location and help you with any and all of your aquarium needs.
We will make sure your aquarium is sparkle clean and that all your friendly fish & coral are healthy and thriving in your Live, Under the Sea, Biological Ecosystem you have created for them:)
When Hooked On Reefs comes out and maintenances, we make sure you receive top of the line customer service.

Maintenance Plan

What We Do!

  • Water Test .
  • 25% Water Chance (Instant Ocean, Red Sea, Salt Mix.
  • Add Ro Water to Top off if needed.
  • Clean and Scrub algae from glass and sand bed.
  • Clean or replace Filters, Sump, Carbon, Wave-makers, Pumps, Protein Skimmers.
  • Check Fish, Inverts, & Coral for any health problems.
  • Check all Equipment making sure operating properly and efficiently.


We can order any product and will Deliver it to you: Live & Frozen Food, Fish, Coral, Inverts, Live Rock, Sand, Supplies, etc.

Our rates are the best in town. Rates do vary depending on where you are located, the type of Aquarium (for example, glass or acrylic) and the size of the Aquarium. Please call for more

Additional charges may be added for any other special needs:

  • Replacing filter, lights, filter media etc.
  • Adding sand
  • Dosing
  • If any specialized test performed
  • Medication
  • Fish & Coral Care

Also Provided by this business

  • aquatic life support system services
  • marine heaters
  • aquariums (tanks)
  • aquarium equipment and supplies
  • tangs (fish)
  • Protien skimmer
  • Aquarium
  • aquarium design and construction services
  • Zoa
  • Custom aquariums
  • Coral frags
  • marine equipment
  • Tropical fish
  • aquarium stands
  • Saltwater fish
  • aquarium rental and leasing services
  • Exotic coral and fish
  • Led lights
  • Aquarium maintenance
  • Pet store
  • Clown fish
  • aquarium services