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API AlgaeFix for Freshwater Aquariums


Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Aquarium AlgaeFix is a revolutionary product specially developed to control many types of algae in freshwater aquariums containing live plants. This easy-to-use solution clears water fast without harming fish or plants. Effectively controls "green water" algae blooms Aquarium AlgaeFix keeps freshwater aquariums clean and clear Specially formulated to be used in aquariums containing live plants and fish AlgaeFix controls many types of algae, including green water, blue-green, black beard, string or hair, and blanket-weed algae. Colorless and non-corrosive. Do not use AlgaeFix with crustaceans, including crabs, shrimp, freshwater shrimp and freshwater lobsters. NOTE: Directions are specific to the individual package size and dispenser design. Follow the directions on the package for dosages. Active Ingredients: Poly Oxyethylene, Ethyl ENR, Ethylene Dichloride.