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Aquatop PFE-1 Power Filter


Aquatop PFE Power Filters provide 3-stage filtration for small aquariums to keep the water just as clear and healthy as in a large tank. The PFE filter features a convenient hang-on tank design and includes replaceable filter sponge cartridges, activated carbon, and bio media for mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. 3-stage filtration for small aquariums Removes floating debris and waste products Mechanical, chemical, and biological media included Extremely quiet operation For fresh and saltwater aquariums Specifications: PFE-1: Aquariums up to 15 gallons 45 GPH 2 Watt 110-120V/60Hz PFE-3: Aquariums 15-25 gallons 80 GPH 3 Watt 110-120V/60Hz Note: Previously sold as Aquatop Forza 1-15 or 15-25 Power Filters.