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Fluval BioMax Replacement Filter Media


Specifically designed for Fluval Spec Desktop Aquariums, BIOMAX provides critical stage 3 biological filtration. BIOMAXs large surface area provides optimal colonization of beneficial bacteria, which enhance the elimination of fish wastes, resulting in a healthier aquarium environment. Provides Critical Stage 3 Biological Filtration Enhances the Elimination of Fish Wastes, Resulting in a Healthier Aquarium For Fluval Spec Large Surface Area Porvides Optimal Colonization of Beneficial Bacteria Improved Bio Activity INSTRUCTIONS: Remove protective plastic bag and rinse BIOMAX insert thouroughly before use. Place insert in bottom section of foam filter block. BIOMAX pores become clogged over time, and should be replaced every 2-3 months. To ensure constant presence of beneficial bacteria, do not replace all filtration media at the same time.