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Zoo Med Betta Mopani Wood


Zoo Med Betta Mopani Wood is a natural piece of African hardwood that helps create a more comfortable habitat for betta fish. Tannins in the wood give water a light brownish tint and lower pH, simulating the natural habitat bettas prefer and encouraging healthy behaviors. Creates "dark water" effect to simulate natural betta habitat Encourages natural behaviors such as bubble nesting Provides additional shelter to help reduce fish stress All natural African hardwood Note: As this is a natural product, size and shape will vary from piece to piece. Directions: This wood will naturally leach tannins when placed in your betta tank, giving the water a light-to-dark brown tint while lowering the pH. This will stimulate the bettas natural habitat, as wild bettas live in water tinted by decaying wood and leaves and with a lower pH. Should the water become too dark or brown, remove the Mopani wood and soak in a container of clean water, continually changing the water until the shade goes from dark brown to light brown or clear. If using a filter with your betta, you may also add carbon to the filter to remove the brown tint.